Romeo and Juliet

Summaries of Act 2

Act 2. Scene 1.

Mercutio and Benvolio still think Romeo is in love with Rosaline. They have yet to learn that he met Juliet. Mercutio keeps up the teasing of Romeo going on. They also say they're happy Romeo returned back himself. Either way Mercutio made fun of Romeo being depressed or his normal-self.

Act 2. Scene 2.

Romeo is hiding in the garden below, spying on Juliet. Juliet sits above talking to herself about her strong love that she has with Romeo. She asked why he must be a Montegue, as well as, why can't he just change his name so they can be in love. Romeo answers to himself that he wishes he could, and it's just a last name, love. Juliet references about marriage, and Romeo starts freaking out and they get plans to have Frair Lawrence sent to get them secretly married.

Act 2. Scene 3.

Frair Lawrence was gathering herbs and noticed Romeo in the garden. He told Romeo that getting up early was crazy. He was very shaken by how Romeo somehow got over the enemies wall. Romeo said his love carried him over, or made him fly over. Plus, he is too young to actually know what "True love" is. Frair does think this marraige could possibly end the dispute between the Capulets and Montegues. They start gathering a plan on how the wedding will work at the end.

Act 2. Scene 4.

Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo met in a street somewhere. Romeo's all happy, and excited which again Mercutio started teasing, once again. He also makes fun of Tybalt too, being the "hot head" he is. He sent a letter to Romeo asking for a duel! Supposedly that they ruined the Capulet Ball. Mercutio acts up again and they battle with their wits. Nurse was upset with how she was treated, leaving her mad at Peter for not helping her out.

Act 2. Scene 5.

The wedding is awaiting to happen! Juliet sat waiting for THREE long hours for the Nurse to return with Romeo's message. Nurse decided to act up and tell Juliet that her chores were too rough and tough on her old bones. The Nurse also played sad, trying to find excuses to delay the message. Juliet is told to do her own chores from now on.

Act 2. Scene 6.

While Romeo and Juliet were about to get married, Friar told them to still not go around together. Pretty much stay on the down low. They do get married despite anything that could possibly go wrong. Friar tries explaining to them to take love slow. He is too young to really understand what could happen.