5 Fabulous Days


Day FOUR Is Sponsored by Anne Walton, Associate Director! xo

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All About Anne!

Set of two monogrammed stemless champagne flutes. I LOVE champagne and I LOVE a reason to celebrate. We are a team of awesomeness, so these will come in handy!

Anne's Story:
I became a Stella & Dot Stylist about four months after I had my first son. I had the baby blues pretty bad, had recently quit working a full time travel job and figured...what the hec do I have to loose? I mean I love all this jewelry, why not?! FF to four years later and I would not have believed you if you showed me my future. I love the jewelry, I love that I run my own business but most importantly, I love the friendships Ive made. I am inspired by my teammates on a daily basis. Ive seen women do amazing things and never give up. That motivation alone is enough for me to be insanely proud that I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist. I sometimes have to pinch myself that I'm able to call this a job. My Why is just that. I love working and this job allows me to work and still have flexibility with SO much reward. Who could ever want more!

Top Tip:
My top tip is to just be consistent! Do a little, do a lot... most weeks you do both but whatever you do, just keep doing it! The day I really embraced "living" as a stylist on a daily basis is really when my business changed. I dont really feel like I have work hours. Im always talking about my job, my team, the jewelry, and how much I love it. I am always looking to book shows and sponsor stylist. I have great months, and bad months and because Im consistent it all works out in the end. I just never quit.

A Few FAVE Memories...


We love our men. Especially when they give FAB gifts. Let's help some ladies out!

Today's challenge is FUN & EASY! And one that will make your friends smile on Christmas morning.

Most Men Are CLUELESS....when it comes to shopping. My husband always has the best intentions, but without a little guidance, he's in the dark. I usually just leave massive hints...like pages turned down in catalogs, open browsers....but the one sure fire way to get him to give me something fabulous? Have one of my friends put a bug in his ear :)

So...let's help out some of the men we know!

Day 4 Challenge:
Reach out to the men in your life and offer to help them shop for the women & girls in their lives.

How will you do this?

Facebook, Email , In person & on the phone!
*Make a list of all the men in your 'sphere of influence' Friends, family, husbands of friends.... etc, etc, etc

*Put together a message and get it out to them.

*Message a group of women and ask them for their Husbands/boyfriends email addresses and let them know what your plan is.

*Ask your husband/boyfriend if he could message all his friends and offer to have you help them shop for the women in their lives

How To Win?


How to 'log' your entries?
Hop onto the team page HERE and under the Day 4 "OFFICIAL" post a comment with the number of men you have messaged as well as how you messaged them. And share your success stories!!