Saving Energy

By Alana Treadaway

Saving Energy At Home

If you were to buy Solar panels you could save a lot of energy. Solar panels store light in side for when it is cloudy. Solar panels hold lots of energy and absorb lots of light which makes them a great energy scourer. Although it cost a lot to build it will be very helpful in the long run.
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Saving Energy At School

To save energy at school you could car pool with some friends or ride the bus. If you did that you could save lots of oil that makes gas and the air wold not be as polluted as it is. The more people that car pool the more energy we could save pus the less gas which makes it even better. Say you were to drive to school and all the other kids drive to school that uses a lot of oil that is used to make energy so that takes a lot of energy.
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Saving Energy In Your Community

To save energy in your community you could convince more people to walk or ride a bike. To do that you could talk about how much fun it is to ride a bike and then start talking about how much exercise you get while riding the bike or walking. Then you could go on to how much money you could save on gas. Finally you start having a bike rental and bike return areas around your community so that people will ride the bikes if they get to use them for free.
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