PowerPoint meets Camtasia

Why talk for five periods???

Recording my PowerPoint Presentation

For my last skill, I decided to learn how to record a PowerPoint presentation so I can have kids watch the video, instead of listening to me give notes. So, after talking with our Technology Peer Coach I decided to use the program called "Camtasia" which is available to all of the teachers in our district. Camtasia allows you to record the screen of your computer (which I had on the slideshow of my PowerPoint) and publish a video.

It took me several failed attempts of recording the whole presentation before I realized it was not recording my headset. Talk about being frustrated! However, I finally figured it out and was able to record my voice. I went through the presentation once, knowing that I could edit out any parts where my voice cracked, or whatnot.

After recording the video, I set to editing. I cut out a few parts where I had paused to catch my breath (pregnancy lungs....) or where I messed up on reading something and had to back track. I also added what Camtasia calls "Call Outs", or graphics used to highlight certain aspects of your video.

Finally, I had to publish my video. I published the video with a self-contained media player, so it should play on all devices. It took forever to render, but that gave me enough time to do this part of the assignment :) I couldn't find the video file for a while, so that was another panic moment thinking I would have to re-render the whole thing. However, I found it in a never used file on my C drive (not sure how that happened but at least it was there!) I then uploaded the file to Vimeo so I could share it on here!

I hope the kids will react well to this way of receiving notes. I like the fact that they can pause the video in order to write something down, as well as go back to the video anytime they need a refresher. I think this is also something I could use while I am on maternity leave. If my sub is not certified to teach LA, then I want to make sure that new concepts they will learn while I am out are being taught correctly. I could make videos for while I am gone.

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