Come to the soccer showdown

It will be awesome with shootouts,games,pratice,and fun

The soccer awesomeness is coming soon

You will have a lot of fun. You can come and leave at any time. Your skills will boost your skills by 100%. You may also make it to the championship. This is only for ages 10-13.

Soccer showdown

Friday, March 22nd 2013 at 12-5pm

27 Country Pl

Lancaster, NY

What events we will do

From 12-12:15 we will let everyone meet and talk to each other.The from 12:15-1 we will have pratice. We will then have a scrimage from 1-2.We will then have pratice from 2-2:30. Then we will have a shootout from 2:30-3.Then we willl have a break from 3-3:30. We will add to the fun with more pratice then we will have showdowns and whoever has the highest record will be the soccer champion.