Pre-K 3 News!

Juan Diego Academy January 6, 2016


Dear Parents,

We are so glad that everything went well during your holidays with your family and friends. We also hope that this New Year brings you happiness and that all your dreams are fulfilled.

We are sorry to hear about children being ill this week. We hope we can see them soon. We send you “get well” wishes.

As a little reminder to parents about our uniform policy, please note that boots cannot be worn indoors. If you send your child with boots to school, please also send some other indoor shoes for them to wear inside the classroom. If you have any questions, just read the uniform policy in the Parent handbook. Thank you for understanding.

This Friday is “Pay to Dress” $2.00. Please do not forget your money. Thank you!

Noon Dismissal will be on Wednesday the 13th for Teacher Professional Development.

Wednesday, January 18th is a holiday. Do not come to school since Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is being observed.

The “State of the School” Mtg. for parents will be on Wednesday, January 30th at 6:30 p.m.

Catholic Schools’ week will be from January 31st to February 6th. Watch out for a schedule of fun dress-up this week to celebrate.


Math and Phonics:

This week and the rest of the month of January, we are reviewing everything that we have learned so far in our curriculum like : Las vocals and the consonant letters M P S T L D R C N F B, the numbers from 1 to 10, and of course the Geometric Shapes. We want to make sure they can recall things that we have learned.

Fine Motor Skills: We want them to practice their cutting and pasting more as well as their coloring inside of the lines on coloring sheets.

Religion: This week they are learning about “Los Reyes Magos” (“The wise men”). January 6th was the Feast of the Epiphany in our Catholic Church. We learned how the wise men brought baby Jesus gifts.

We are very proud that they can pray “ Ninito Jesus”, (“Little Baby Jesus” ), and eventually they are going to learn more short prayers.

Donation Needed!!!

We will need a donation of Pasta letters for one of our upcoming projects. If you happen to see some at the supermarket and can help us out by purchasing a bag for our classroom, we would be so appreciative. Just please make sure the pasta letters are BIG not the tiny ones for soup.

Thank you very much.

We hope you have a wonderful week.

Sincere best regards,

Ms. Marseille & Ms. Sonia