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CRCSD School Improvement

Thank You!

Dear BLTs,

Three years ago, I left Grant Elementary and took the SIP Teacher Leadership position at the ESLC. Many educators wondered: Who would want that job?

From my perspective, I have been fortunate. I have had the pleasure of watching and learning from you and your teams. I have been able support school improvement in our district by working with BLTs, IDS, ELSC teacher leaders, and administrators and witness your complex work.

This work cannot be done by the principal alone. Your principal needs teacher leadership. Your colleagues need teacher leadership. Our students need teacher leadership. I believe that our system is better because of the voices, ideas, and energy that each of you bring. And, this work is not for the weak.

Being a BLT member requires vision, commitment, dedication to implementation, ability to navigate crucial (and sometimes difficult conversations), and have an unwavering belief that we can learn, do better, and make a difference. It requires us to listen, dream, and be positive. This work is for the strong.

As I leave this position and pen this last BLT Bits, it is my greatest hope that we continue to be committed to implementing school improvement processes at high levels, developing a school culture that promotes learning for each student, and demonstrate growth mindset to develop and enhance ourselves as professional educators.

Thank you for your work and for teaching me a great deal about school improvement and our district. #WeareCRCSD

With Gratitude,

Kathleen Ziegler

P.S (If you are interested in a district level teacher leadership position, please check out the district website. Several opportunities are available, including the position I am vacating!)

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