Be SOAR ready by February!!!

Let's pop up to get you to SOAR!

Be creative. Be confident. Be YOU!

The holidays are right around the corner! Now is a perfect time to start saving up for SOAR!

How can you do that?! Pop up in person more!

I plan on putting about $200 a month away for SOAR 2017 - that means popping up extra for the next 3 months! My goal is to have $1,200.00 saved up by February!

Make it count! Do your pop up prep, coach your hostess and reach your goals!

Do you coach your hostess? It makes a huge difference on how smoothly your pop up will go! She knows her guests and can give you inside tips on what to showcase at the pop up!

The incentives for hosting a pop up are incredible! Hostesses keep coming back when they get access to the special perks!

Sometimes we meet or know someone who would be a wonderful merchie!

C+I by invitation is great when you want to help that person become a merchie! You get a special incentive for inviting them and they get a special incentive too!