The way we fall

Caitlin Gullick

My theme

Live your days like your last because one day you wont know what your gonna loose.

7-10 summary

When a deadly virus begins to sweep through 16 year old kaelyns community the government quartines her island. No one can get in or out and those healthy must fight for survival and also supplies to stay alive kaelyn joins forces with her family and friends that a healthy and trys to save the ones she loves before its to late.

Discription of my two characters

kaelyn - She has long blonde hair with beautiful eyes the twinkle in the moonlight but she is very brave and also has an unbeatable spirit.

mackenzie - Mackenzie is a young beautiful girl that loves to laugh and have fun shes the funny and attention seeker of the crowd. shes really supportive but scared of whats going on.

My description on the setting

My setting takes place on an island in canada and they are in the middle of no where its very isolated from everything else. Its really cold and not very sunny where she they live.

Conflict& Resolved

My conflict in the book is there a virus and she has to keep her and her friends and family healthy and her mom gets the virus so her and her friend goes out in search of supplies and medicine.

This was solved by they got supplies to wear so that when they do leave the house there being isolated in they cant get sick and they add members that are healthy and also trade supplies and medicine but also left those who had gotten the virus.

My 3 quotes

  1. everything will be okay in the end and if its not okay then its not the end- ed sheer
  2. close your eyes clear your heart and let it go fight it out- lil wayne
  3. pain is like a rubber band both pulls on person lets go and it hurts the person who held it last. - lil wayne

About my author

My authors name is Megan Crewe she is a very good author i would rate her books 6 out of 6 she puts alot of detail into everything she makes everything seem like your right there in the book and you can feel there emotions. I have also read Give up the ghost, The lives we lost, The worlds we make by her they were really good. she lives in Toronto, Canada and was born December 22, 1980. I strongly suggest that you read give up the ghost i think you of all people would like it.