Save Wild Animals

Tigers, Bears, and Leapords


Do you have a family? Would you like it if someone killed your family? Think about the wild animals, they have feelings about their little cubs and children too! If you feel sad if your family dying then think about animals! That happens just because we want furs and we are being greedy in that way.
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Bears are so cute and the only reason they attack is because humans hunt bears! They are protecting themselves or if they have cubs protecting them!! Why kill them leave them alone. Just leave them alone please they will leave you alone if you leave them alone. if you come up and try to do something they will go into attack mode as I call it.
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Leave them alone they are fighting for survival! These little cubs were probably orphans. There parents were made into the coats that we buy today. There are only 30-60 Amur Leopards left in the whole world!!


Unjustly people kill over 5,000 tigers a year! They do it for their skins and it is just greediness. I think that is unfair but that is just my opinion and your opinion matters too but I'm just saying it is mine.