Timothy Eaton

Founder of the retail company that once employed 30 000


Timothy Eaton was a great Canadian business leader who is the founder of Canada's largest privately owned department store, the T. EATON CO LTD. Eaton was known for selling his goods at a fixed price and had a policy of offering satisfaction or money refunded. He also treated his employees well and gave them good wages and working conditions.

Throughout the years, Eaton knew that nothing is black and white and that he will face many competitors especially since he had different policies that all the other departments, for example the other merchants perpetuated the long-standing practice of negotiable prices and the costly practice of extending credit to customers however Timothy believed that customers should buy the good at a fair price and that everything would be sold for cash .

Eaton believed in Lead from the front- but don't leave your base behind, growing up with a christian family, Timothy was very religious so when he entered the business world he remained an unwavering Methodist who never sold tobacco, liquor, or playing cards in his store and did not allow them in his home.

One of Eaton's recreation was his carriage horses, later in his life he was thrown from his carriage and ended up breaking his hip however he did not let his confinement to a wheelchair restrict his life because courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others to move forward.

In 1907 Timothy died of pneumonia, Timothy Eaton’s retail empire had burgeoned to encompass nine thousand employees, or associates, as he preferred to call them. In 1909, Eaton’s wife learned that the Methodists were trying to raise money to build the first Methodist church in the northern section of Toronto. She offered to donate all the money they needed to build one of the best churches in the city and made only one request: that they church be named "Timothy Eaton Memorial Church." which was completed in 1914.


" Promise them not only bargains, but that every article will be found

just what it is guaranteed to be. Use no deception in the smallest

degree - nothing you cannot defend before God or Man."