Decolonization Around The World

Removing The Chains of Imperialism


1949-Communism comes to power in China. The leader of the Communist revolution was a man named Mao Zedong. Communism shaped everything in the country from the economy to the government and there was an increase in nationalism during this time. The government formed concentration camps to kill "enemies of the state". There was a neglection of the poorer classes as well as there being a backward trek in technology during this time.


Nationalism was the main cause of the formation of Israel. Conflicts in this region have been happening since the 1940s and continue to this day. Since the formation of Israel caused some land to be taken away from other nations, many Middle Eastern nations deny the existence of it as a country to this day.

Final Question

In both of these countries, one main reason for decolonization was nationalism. The people were tired of the way they were being treated and wanted to take bake their countries for their own.