Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

By:Brooke Fife

Purposes in modifying Sugar Beets

  • To help with weed control by making them resistant to herbicides,which is also more environmentally/economically friendly
  • To make them resistant to viruses,fungi,pests,and pathogens
  • To become more adaptive to their environment


  • In the food industry, sugar beets are one of the main sources of many kinds of sugar. It can also be found in artificial honey,caramel/caramel flavoring,molasses, and syrup.
  • Other uses for genetically modified sugar beets include animal feed, renewable energy, and material for chemical/cosmetic industries.

How it is genetically modified

  • Sugar beets are genetically modified to have a higher sugar content.
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Concerns over Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

  • Seed Companies might no longer use normal seeds and instead only use GM seeds
  • Unable to tell if it is genetically modified or not
  • Traits of GM sugar beets could spread to other crops,which could cause the other crops harm
  • They have the potential to cause unknown health problems