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Abraham Lincoln Was Assassinated

Lincoln was murdered

Abraham Lincoln, his wife and 2 guests went to Fords Theatre to watch a play. The assassin John Wilkes Booth went to the Presidents box and shot him in the head. The assassin leaped off of the balcony and hurt his leg but ran off. Lincoln was moved to the Peterson's house from Fords Theatre but the next morning he died at 7:22 AM. His wife wanted his hair so she had a person cut a lock of hair off.

Booth was Unlucky

Booth was Unlucky

Booth made mistakes because he didn't plan to break his leg from jumping off the balcony after shooting Lincoln. When they went to Garrett's farm, John Garrett knew that something was wrong because Booth freaked out when he saw the calvary. John Garrett trapped him and herold in the tobacco barn. The Union showed up at the Garrett's and Herold surrendered and Booth got shot by one of the soldiers. Booth died that night at the Garrett's farm.

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