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Feature Article: Activity in Vegas?

Recent reports from witnesses suggest there have been people entering quarantined-Vegas. People like eyewitness Fargas stated,"I was just playing video games, and I look outside and see multiple helicoptors flying into the quarantine zone!" As everyone knows, Las Vegas has been off-limits ever since the bombing. People speculate there are walking dead, and the helicoptors are there to stop them. Do you agree? Do you disagree? What do you think it is?
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If you knew technology could change your whole reality, would you still use it?

BrainJack is a must-see movie based on the #1 best-seller BrainJack. Join Sam as the world as he knew it gets controlled by a computer. Watch as the world goes down, and Sam being the only one who can save it. Will he choose to save it, or destroy it? Find out on what critics call,"The movie of the century!", with BrainJack. In theatres starting June 2015.

"Technology will backfire and come with some major consequences."

-Reese Dalton

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