Satellite S'More Newsletter

January 4-8, 2016

Staff Information

Welcome Back!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed a relaxing Winter Break with friends and family! It was wonderful to have the time that we did. I hope that everyone had a chance to relax, recharge, and renew. Welcome back to everyone!

As you all know, we've hit the ground running. SOL Expedited Retakes are next week (see schedule below) and we have students who are looking to complete courses shortly. Please stay on these students and contact me regarding end date extensions where applicable.

I've printed out the Green, Yellow, Red report for the week of December 14-18 and it has been posted in each classroom and on the floor. Please remember that students who have not attained the minimum of 20 hours of physical attendance are not eligible for green status. There were a few students placed in green that had not met their physical attendance requirements.

Attendance continues to be our greatest challenge. Sheree does an excellent job of calling every single absent student every single day, and placing this information in the Scrum. Please be diligent in maintaining accurate attendance. The attendance record is a legal document and must be accurate, as it is used in attendance cases that are referred to the court system.

SOL Testing Schedule for Jan. 11-15, 2016

The week of January 11-15 is the expedited testing window. We have some students who will be participating in this round of testing and a few who will graduate if they successfully pass their SOL(s). Please encourage those students re-testing and be available to help prep students as needed. (As you all do). :)

Please note the SOL Testing Schedule below:

Monday, Jan. 11th: Review Day

Tuesday, Jan. 12th: Review Day

Wednesday, Jan. 13th: Algebra I SOL

Thursday, Jan. 14th: Geometry SOL, USVA SOL, Eng. Reading SOL

Friday, Jan. 15th: SOL Make ups (if applicable)

SOL Spirit Week

Next week is spirit week! T.C. just sent the schedule of dress up days if any and all would like to participate. Please share with students and encourage school spirit and participation.

Monday, Jan. 11th: Mix-n-Match Monday (Wear mismatching clothing).

Tuesday, Jan. 12th: The Culture Within (Wear clothing that represents your culture-please remember to be appropriate and respectful).

Wednesday, Jan. 13th: On Wednesday We Wear Pink (Wear pink to support Breast Cancer research).

Thursday, Jan. 14th: Character Day (Dress as your favorite character from a book, movie, or TV show).

Friday, Jan. 15th: Fired up Friday (Wear TC colors).