Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume III, No. 9

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.

Insuring the Love of Reading

Students at Southside Elementary School in Mrs. Martin’s Class are learning to love reading more each month. Sam Maimone at State Farm Insurance is making sure that all the students in Mrs. Martin's class will have books for home. He will be providing 1 free book a month for each student in the kindergarten classroom. "“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

Two Principals and the Little Pig

Yulee Primary School recently achieved their Fun Run goal and raised over $18,000 for their school. As a reward, Mrs. Harris (Principal) and Ms. Boatright (Assistant Principal) kissed a pig at the start of the Fun Run. Students, faculty, and staff cheered on their administrators as they met the tiny pig.

Lifelong Learning

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Learning in Action

Students in Mr. Bozeman's class at Fernandina Beach Middle School were exploring volume and mass in order to understand how density plays a role as a characteristic feature for different elements. Working in groups, the class had to use scientific tools to find the volume and mass of an object and then divide the mass by volume to find density. At the end of the lab, they had to graph their results and compare it to their initial hypothesis.

Red for Ed

Wildlight participants proudly wore their Red for Ed to support public education.


Preparing the Class of 2020

Queen Hornet

Yulee High School's Faculty and Staff showed Mrs. Drake some appreciation on Boss’s Day with a monogrammed YETI cooler.
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Dads and Donuts

Emma Love Hardee Elementary hosted Dads and their ELH children during the annual Dads Bring Your Child to School Day. Everyone enjoyed donuts, fruit, and juice. It was a great time for all!


Pittman's Pizza Parlor

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Addy is Back!

Southside Elementary School and Mrs. Carlton's first-grade class welcomed back sweet Addy by wearing yellow and surprising her with signs and balloons.
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Dress-Up to Show Support

Sophia Pollard and Ella Hogan were just a few of the students from Mr. Bozeman's class at Fernandina Beach Middle School to embrace character dress-up day for homecoming week. Students had the character dress-up day to show their support for FBMS as they played Bolles.

Oreos in Order

Wildlight Elementary School's, Mrs. Jones, had her second-grade class focused on their learning goal of describing the connection between a series of steps (RI.3) and use sequence words to explain the order. The young (and hungry) writers ate Oreos and then sequenced the steps by writing them in order. The students had so much fun doing this activity and mastering their learning goal!


Manufacturing and Learning

West Nassau High School and Hilliard Middle-Senior High School experienced a field trip on Manufacturing Day to Florida Sun Printing, Florida Machine Works, and Mooney’s Custom Woodworking. It was an outstanding experience for students to see the manufacturing process in real life.
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