Web 2.0 Tools


Symbaloo is a web site that you can make your default browser homepage. You can add icon with links to other sites. So when you open your browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) your Symbaloo homepage pops up.


A wordle is a site where you can make your own collage of words. The more words you put on the more your page will be filled up. If you type the word in more than others, the word will appear bigger that the others. You can change the looks of the wordle poster multiple times. You can change the font, color and background.


Prezi is a web site where you can make presentations. You can add text, shapes, pictures, music and you can draw. you can have as many slides as you want.


Smore is a website where you can make and design your own posters. You can add a background out of a verity that the site has for you to choose from. You can add text and pictures. You can change the fonts and colors.


Blabberize is a website where you can take a picture on get one off of the internet and make the mouth move with audio you recorded yourself.


BigHugeLabs is a site where you can create a movie poster. You can put the directer name, who the stars are, the producer, and much more. You can add a picture from your computer for the back ground of you poster.