Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Ben Ledwith

The Many Things I Can Do For You:

If you are on vacation and need your pets to be fed or get some exercise, or just need your animal to get out during the day while you are at work, look no further! I am a 13 year old boy with many pets (including two dogs and a number of cats), so I definitely know how to properly care for them. Im never late, and I will never forget to come and visit your pet. Along with animal care while you are on vacation, I can also do other things like sweep the floor, take in the mail, water the plants, anything! All I need is a house key, which I will be very careful with.

Prices / Additional Information

$10 for two walks a day (up and down all 5 streets on the block), and $1 for each additional job (bring in the mail, feed the pets).

Contact me at (650)-208-2488 via text message if you are interested! (Include your name, address, date you want to discuss my service for you and whatever other things you might need!)