I want to be an Engineer

By: Benjamin Meyer

What is an engineer?

An engineer is anyone who builds or designs something of use.
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Who needs the service of an engineer ?

Schools: someone needs to design a school that is safe and relia

normal people: someone needs to build a safe homes

kids: to build cool toys

other engineer: to build off other peoples ideas

How could we find out what a day of a life of an engineer looks like ?

You could shadow an engineer.

You could look at show things they build or design.

You could become one.

What education is required for this career ?

The minimum is a bachelors degree for almost any engineering job and your high school diploma.
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Why would someone want to be an engineer ?

Engineer have many fields so you can make all most anything and the have an okay pay.

What is the toughest job demand for this career?

The education and training I think would be the hardest.