The Latest News From Room 207

Teacher-Ms. Abigail Rigney

Week of September 7th

I hope this newsletter finds you all having enjoyed the gorgeous Labor Day weekend that we were treated to this year. In addition to the health and child development courses, there are a few other things getting started in Room 207 this week:

Advisory starts Tuesday!

As part of the Advisory Committee here at NBHS, I'd like to tell you a little bit about what we have planned for the year.

First, if your student is new to us, know that every two weeks or so, all students have an opportunity to meet with their advisory teacher during a block that is built in to the day (it runs from about 9:04-9:42). Their advisor may be a teacher they have in class, but it could be someone that they don't yet know.

The purpose of advisory is to help students foster meaningful relationships between their teachers and each other. We also want to offer each student a place that they feel safe and connected.

This year our theme is tolerance. In addition to encouraging our students to embrace each others physical differences, we will also be focusing on tolerating those who are struggling from within (think depression, anxiety, substance abuse).

Project Purple

This new initiative was inspired by Chris Herren's visit to NB last spring. Our students were so moved by his message that we felt we had to keep his #beyou message alive here in North Brookfield.

This student group will work to not only embrace, but promote a substance free lifestyle through the organizing and promotion of events within the school community. We will also serve as a support and information resource for students who are currently struggling to support a family member with a substance abuse issues.

Our first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 15th beginning at 1:30 in room 207.

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Child Development

Tuesday is a big day in Child Development--we finally get to meet our 1st graders! Again, we are so excited to be working with Mr. Shelburne's 1st grade class for another year.

The first "meet and greet" can be nerve racking, but this day is the start of a relationship that will last a lifetime. It's hard to explain to my students just how important they will become to their buddy--it's incredibly rewarding to watch the relationship grow as the year progresses. In order to help break the ice, we have a fun About You questionnaire that the high school students will be responsible for completing in this first meeting. Today is all about laying the foundation for this unique relationship.

In our high school classroom, we will continue moving through out first unit as students learn the basic concepts related to the study of child development. This week, through the analysis of two very compelling case studies and our initial meeting with our "buddies", students will:

  • Be able to explain the "nature vs. nurture" argument in the context of child development.
  • Be able to compare two theories of language acquisition.
  • Be able to apply the nature vs. nurture argument to theories related to language acquisition.
  • Be able to explain factors that contribute to a child's success in their early years of life.

Health Classes

9th Grade Health

The first week of 9th grade health is all about relationships. This week, will will explore effective communication strategies through the use of case study's and role play activities. It's always beneficial when students can practice the skills that they learn immediately; we will be trying to do that in the classroom this week.

We will also begin exploring components of a healthy relationship--both friendships and dating partners. Students will have the opportunity to share past experiences and what they have learned from their own relationships.

This week, 9th grade students will:

  • Be able to demonstrate behaviors of an effective listener.
  • Be able to explain the three types of communication and demonstrate assertive skills.
  • Be able to explain health and unhealthy components of a relationship.

8th Grade Health

This week we will continue exploring our unit on nutrition. Last week, students had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the content of a food label through cooperative group work. This week, students will begin exploring the website, which will serve as an important resource for future projects.

We will also continue with our quest to discover how much added sugar is hiding in many of our favorite snack and drinks. This week, 8th grade health students will:

  • Be able to describe the difference between nutrient dense and empty calories.
  • Be able to display the amount of sugar added to some popular snacks and beverages.
  • Be able to demonstrate strategies related to making healthy choices at meal time.

7th Grade Health

I've really enjoyed getting to know this new group of students. What a great class! Students completed their self esteem grids-once they are displayed in class, pictures will be taken! In health class, students will begin the week completing their self esteem profiles, which required students to identify people and things that have made them who they are today.

This week, 7th grade health students will:

  • Be able to be able to describe examples of the four conditions of self esteem as it applies to their life
  • Be able to explain their own personal definition of success.
  • Be able to identify cliques and how they can impact personal relationships at school.
  • Be able to explain the role of judgement and how it can impact interpersonal relationships.
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