Social Consquences of Tobacco Use

Faith Smith


Over 42 million Americans smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. And every single one of them suffer from these social consequences.

More Consequences

There are endless consequences of smoking, but it doesn't just stop with affecting your appearance. It can have an effect on the people you hang out with, how people see you, and even financial issues.

How People Look at You

When you are seen smoking, it is proven that non-smokers may see you as unintelligent, rude, or even lazy.

People You Hang Out With

When you smoke, non-smokers will not want to be around you as much. You will begin to surround yourself with people who have the same interest, smoking, which might make it even harder to quit.

The Financial Cost of Smoking

Not only does smoking have a physical effect on your body and appearance, it has a very expensive price. In Texas, the cost of one pack of cigarettes is $6.07. If you smoke one pack every day, at the end of the week you have spent $42.49 on cigarettes alone. After a year of this habit, you've spent $2209.48.


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