Vote for Thomas Jefferson in the following election of 1800!

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Don't be a heffer! Vote for Jeffer-son!

  • Believes in a weaker national government and a stronger state government
  • Wants states to handle their own money with state banks
  • Believes in having the common man in government
  • Fears tyrannical rule
  • Has a strict interpretation of the constitution
  • Wants the French as an ally
  • Believes in an economy based on farming

Election of 1800 Essay

The two Presidential candidates of 1800 are Thomas Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican, and John Adams, a Federalist. John Adams won the election of 1796 and is now running for re-election. He is an elitist who believes in only having the rich and educated in government and favors for the British as our allies. Adams also believes in a strong national government, national banks, and implied powers of the Constitution. He also fears an angry mob ruling the country. Unlike John Adams, Thomas Jefferson believes in a weaker national government and a stronger state government. He also believes in state banks, a common man in government, and he favors the French as an ally. Thomas Jefferson has a strict interpretation of the Constitution and fears tyrannical rule in our nation. Thomas Jefferson is the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I plan to vote for Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800. I support his beliefs of having common men in our government because it is important to not give all power to the rich and wealthy; I believe the rich are most likely to be dishonest and to no support the middle or the low class of the United States. I also agree with having a strict interpretation of the Constitution because it is important to strictly go by the laws we have set for the country. Going against the amendment of the US Constitution may create chaos or tyranny. He also fears tyrannical rule which means he will do what he can to protect us against tyranny. This is important in having success, fairness, and happiness in our country.

I want the best candidate possible to be leading our country. Our president has to be educated, so they are able to make educated decisions for what’s best in our country. Somebody educated has enough knowledge and wisdom to keep our government strong and successful. Our president should also be honest. He needs to be completely honest with his peers and the citizens of the USA because we must know everything about what is happening to our country. Our president must have morals as well. He needs to be able to make decisions with the presence of morality. He cannot lead our country into sin and a president with morals will keep that from happening. I believe that Thomas Jefferson has these traits so I will vote for him in the election of 1800.