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Here and Jack and the Sacks law firm, we can ensure that we will defend your rights as an american citizen, as a member of our fine country. ( Its not fine ) Be quiet Sack! Anyways, beside what Sack thinks this is a fine country, and you are all fine citizens of it so we will protect you and your rights, from freedom of speech and expression to your right to refuse to house soldiers in your home, Please come down to Jack and the Sacks Law Firm In Cary, North Carolina.

Come to our Tower- I mean Law Firm, in Cary!

We are open at all times of day, No we are not desperate, Kim keeps ODing on 5 Hour Energy so she's ready for anyone seeking help. We only close on Sundays, were we retire to a dungeon where they all get spanked while cry reading Dr Seuss books and I laugh at them in the background.

An Introduction

Hullo, I am Jack of Jack and The Sack's Law Firm, And i'll be giving you a little crash course on the rights of your we will be protecting, and a little bit of lawyer-jargon so you don't look like a four year old who's been told what happens when you hit puberty.

Righto, a Summons Is really just an official, formal summons to court. Basically if you receive this, ( unless your in a cell ) you could possibly be a witness or Juror, or maybe the judge. Hmm ... Onward to the next!

Now, if your not a five year old, you pretty much know what a Trial is, this is the bit where Jack and the Sack's Law Firm comes into play, this is where the evidence is put down either for or against you, and where we win our cases.

Verdict, how to explain this ... well basically your Verdict is pretty much your sentencing, the Verdict is the decision the judge reaches, and it can be both good and bad.

Defendant, Well, Defendants are people called to the stand. Depending on whether or not you are the accuser or accused, this can be a good or bad thing. Essentially, they are called up to prove ones innocence, and typically ' defend ' the statement that the Accuser or Accused has set forward, hence the name ' Defendant '

Hmm, In Legal Techno-jargon, a Complaint is ... well ... it's basically a formal, probably written, document, solidifying and containing the fact of a complain against a party or parties.

A preponderance of evidence ... hmm ... basically, it essentially states that ONE side must have more than 50% of the evidence in their favor. Kinda. Sort of.

A Plaintiff is, well, it's really just a person who brings a case against someone else in a court of Law. It's, erm, yeah. Pretty much just that.

Pleading is, well, it's just a formal statement of the cause of an action or defense. So ... it's just ... well ... pleading.

Alright, now we're finally getting somewhere! A pre-trial conference is really just a period before the trial where everyone gets into a room and the Judge tells them what they need to do to be ready for the trial.

Mediation is up next, so! Mediation is really just attempting to solve an issue by bringing in a Third Party.

Arbitration ... it's ... well ... HEY SACK! COME HERE! IM NOT GOOD AT THIS! ( No! You do it! I'm cleaning my desk! ) FINE!. Arbitration is KINDA sort of a thing where it's a submission of a third party in-between two parties, who will then agree in advance.

Appeal. This is basically a Lawyer complaining to a higher court about the decision reached for his client and saying that it was made as a huge breach of code, and the case must be reviewed.

WELL! FINALLY! Now I need to go kill Sack for making me do this ( THE HELL YOU WILL! ) RUN YOU PUDGY ARSE!