Tango Spanish Music

Morgan Goletz

Type of Music

Tango began in the working class neighborhoods of Argentina. It is a balle-like dance that originally started with two men. Now, it is a dance between a man and woman and they usually rub their bodies together. The men usually wear tuxedos and the women wear nice glittering gowns.

History of the Music

There have been many years of study and research on Tango in Argentina. Dancers who were genuinely part of the culture of Tango usually did not have an academic background. They say that the academics frequently neglected the dance.

Characteristics of the Music

In the Tango genre there is three types of music, tango, milonga, and vals. Tango is a very rich and varied music. The main instruments illustrated with tango are a solo guitar, or duo guitar, which also includes flutes, violins, pianos, and double bass. Some famous artists of Tengo is Carlos Gardel, Aster Piazzolla, Anibal Trollo, and many more.

The Music Today

Many people in Ukraine learned a dance that was semi-ballroom style of Argentine tango. Argentineans believe that they aren't true tango dancers so they call it "export tango". One recent development is to combine tango with contact music that is created without preparation, producing "contact tango".