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As you know, these past weeks I have been conducting Computational Fluency Screeners to your students. The purpose is to identify the computational fluency level in the areas of addition/subtraction (2nd/3rd), multiplication/division (4th/5th). It is exciting to see the gradual growth from grade to grade!

You will be surprised that some of your students are way above grade level regarding computational fluency! And while others are on grade level or almost there, they are well on their way! Think of how the students benefit from being fluent on computation, and how much confidence this gives them to go through problems. Our campus goal is that 100% of our students reach at least 80% mastery, and computational fluency plays a big role!

For this week's PLC I would like to share with you the results from your students, as well as develop together the following steps of implementation for next semester. We will be meeting tomorrow Thursday (12/04) at the Conference Room during your planning period.

I am asking that you please watch the video below "Kid Snippets: Math Class" and reflect on how it connects to the Teacher/Student Core Beliefs. Be prepared to share your thoughts. (If the link does not work, you can look it up on Youtube)

Teachers Core Beliefs

  1. Our main purpose is to promote student success through a high-quality instruction.
  2. For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations.
  3. Only the courageous pursuit of excellence will lead to success.

Students Core Beliefs:

  1. My future success depends on working hard today.
  2. I have high expectations for myself, my classmates, and my school.
  3. I aim for excellence even when it's difficult.
Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)


Also, please answer the Computational Fluency Survey on this link:

We will:

  1. Share thoughts of Kid Snippets: "Math Class" to connect with Teachers' and Students' Core Beliefs.
  2. Review students' Computational Fluency Levels based on Screener's results.
  3. Set goals
  4. Set date of implementation
  5. Choose activities for Skill Based Centers
  6. Choose classroom tracker
  7. Brainstorm motivation ideas for students

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Ascher Silberstein Elementary

100% of scholars will achieve at 80% and above.