Save Water Now

Water usage is getting out of hand

Water Supply

Water supply and sanitation in Cuba is characterized by a high level of access, but at limited quality of service. A state-owned enterprise is in charge or providing services throughout the country within the country's socialist, centrally planned Cuban economic system. As a surprising exception in a Socialist country, a mixed public-private company with partial foreign ownership provides services in parts of Havana.


If we all cut back on just a little bit of water each day we could be saving more so when we do run low we wont be all out of luck!


In 2000 about 91% of Cubans had access to an improved source of water (95% of the urban population, but only 78% of the rural population).Unusually, access to adequate sanitation is higher than access to an improved source of water at a rate of 98% (99% of the urban population and 95% of the rural population)

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