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October 29th, 2021

Happy Halloween, Patrick Henry!

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This year, we celebrated Halloween with all of our students by setting up some amazing stations for each class to visit. Take a look below for some highlights at each station!

Station 1: Harry Potter World

Led by Principal Dr. Rogers and Mr. Dr. Rob, Station 1 was all about jellybeans, but not just ANY jellybeans. These are Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans from the amazing and magical Harry Potter series. These jellybeans include crazy flavors like dirt, soap, vomit, and booger! There are some good flavors in there too, but watch out for the weird ones! Students got to taste test them and thought they were absolutely disgusting!

Station 2: Fitness Frenzy

Led by PE teacher, Mrs. Ralphs, Station 2 was all about movement! It should be no surprise that our Physical Education teacher wanted to get our kids working off some of that Halloween sugar. Students were led in an epic series of physical challenges, and they had a blast!

Station 3: Musical Jack-o-Lanterns

Led by music teacher, Ms. Gonzalez, Station 3 was all about the blend between music and Halloween! Students got to incorporate fun songs into a game they played with our illustrious music teacher, and they knocked it out of the park!

Station 4: Pumpkin Patch Art Project

Led by art teacher, Ms. Godfrey, and Family Community Specialist, Ms. Webb, Station 4 was arts integration at its finest! Students got to use baby pumpkins to express themselves creatively. They used all the art skills they've been learning over the first quarter and applied it to a very festive canvas!

Station 5: Taki Toss

Led by Reading Specialist, Ms. Evans, Station 5 was all about the Takis! Ms. Evans worked with students on literacy skills, and when students earned their Takis, they had to catch the flying treat in the air. Even though it was loud and rowdy, students were still practicing their literacy skills and having fun in the process!

Station 6: Game Station

Led by Nurse Gibbs, Station 6 was all about that healthy competition. Students had to work together as a team in their game with spoons to make sure they didn't drop their precious item. It was fun watching them cheer each other on!

Station 7: Sensory Table

Led by Special Education teacher, Ms. Baumann, Station 7 was all about using the senses to determine what spooky item you might be feeling at the sensory table. It was hilarious watching kids guess as they moved through the different items at the table!

Station 8: Cake Walk

Led by Ms. Jones and Ms. Jones Senior, Station 8 was all about movement. Students got to move around the gym with crazy, silly, and zany walks. Students were squealing with delight by the end and of course there was candy involved at the end!

Station 9: Dance It Out!

Led by School Counselor, Ms. Gregory, Station 9 was all about that bumping beat at the dance party! Just before students went back to their classrooms to enjoy their candy and treasures, Station 9 let them dance out all of their final energies and wiggles!

Thank you to all of our staff for making Halloween so fun!

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Spirit Week

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October 25-29th: Patrick Henry Spirit Week

Thank you to all of our staff and students who participated in our first Spirit Week of the 2021-2022 school year! It was so fun to see all of the different outfits throughout the week that fit the themes. Stay tuned for our next spirit week in December!

  • Monday: Rep your college or university
  • Tuesday: Rep your favorite sports team
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday: Pajama Day
  • Friday: Halloween Costume

Congratulations, S.T.A.R. Winners!

Every week we celebrate all of our students who earn their S.T.A.R. tickets in their Related Arts classes. Students have the chance to earn a ticket every day, and then their tickets are entered into a raffle. See the winners below!

Safe Halloween Activities at Home

Take a look at the resources below if you and your family are interested in making the Halloween fun last just a little bit longer!

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