Have you ever wondered what tobacco can do to you, well, you found your answers and there all in this passage. Tobacco can hurt you in many ways. First you try it and you get addicted. next you start spending over $100,000 a year ( Which can leave you out on the street to die). Then you start getting infected with gum disease, lung cancer, and other horrible diseases that bring you a ton of pain. Then finally, you get so sick, you die.


Have you ever wondered how alcohol can hurt you, or what types alcohol to stay away from, well, they're all in this passage. Alcohol can also hurt you in many ways. Some kinds of alcohol are beer, wine, hard licker, and whisky. Alcohol is also very bad for the heart, stomach, esophagus, kidneys, brain, tongue, and lungs. Also if you do drink, 10/10 scientists suggest you should only have no more than two, if you have more than to, you’re almost guaranteed to die earlier than you were naturally originally were supposed to.


Have you ever wondered what drugs can do to you, well, you’ve found your answers, and they’re all in this passage. Drugs can also be very dangerous. You try them and you have a 50 50 chance of becoming addicted. And if you do become addicted, you’ll bring them everywhere. If you get caught, you’ll go to jail for a very long time. And if you have to much, you will die.


  • Alcohol (AL-co-HAL): a substince found in adult drinks ex: beer, wine, whisky, hard licker, exc…

  • Addicted (a-DIC-ted): when someone is devoted to something

  • Drugs (DR-u-GZ): an illegle pill

  • Esophagus (E-sof-o-GUS): a body part in your through

  • Scientists (si-en-tist): a person who does science for a living

  • Tobacco (tow-BAC-o):a deadly substince that can be addictive

5 Question Quiz

Question 1: What are he 200 cemicules in tobacco?

Question 2: How many deaths have drugs caused this year?

Question 3: What is alcohol?

Question 4: How can drugs fry your brain?

Question 5: How many people do drugs, tobacco, and alcohol?

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