Dessie Evans Family Newsletter

Back-2-School Edition

Welcome Back!

We hope that you have enjoyed time with family, the warm weather and some fun summer time activities. We know that we still have a few weeks of summer vaction left and we hope you enjoy ever minute but wanted to give you some information so you can plan accordingly. So, please take some time to read over and know that we are a phone call away if you need assistance.

Thank you!

Mr. Hampton, Principal

Mrs. Diamond, Assistant Principal

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20 Dessie Evans Office Opens, 8:00-3

25 Placement information sent via email

25 Teachers will begin to schedule Family Connections Meetings


2 1st Day of School, Grades 1-6

6 No School, Labor Day

8 1st Day of Kindergarten and Preschool

15 Fair Day, Early Release, 11:51, No Lunch Served

Dessie Evans Family Handbook

Please take time to look through our Dessie Evans Handbook. It provides you with many helpful school expectations, please click here.

Kindergarten Kick-Off

On September 8th we will welcome our Kindergarten students for the 2021-2022 school year. Our PTA in collaboration with our Kindergarten teachers are working on a special first day for our Kinders. We will have more details soon, stay tuned!

Family Connection Meetings (AKA SMART Start)

As part of our Pathway to Recovery, we are intentionally focused on bring together staff, studnets and families in a way that is safe, meaningful, authentic respectful, and timely.

August 25th your classroom teachers will personally invite families to sign up for a connection meeting. Families will have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one meeting in person or remote on a date and time that works best for them and the family. Meetings will cover everything from discussing a child's learning goals to previewing classrooms. At Dessie Evans we believe in building relationships. We look forward to connecting with you soon. (This activity will be IN PLACE OF BACK-2-SCHOOL night.)

School Supplies

We have worked to ensure our school supply lists have only essential items for classroom success. If for any reason you would like support in purchasing supplies, please reach out. We would be happy to assist. We have posted our school supply list on our Dessie Evans website. Please click the link to see what your student will need. Dessie Evans School Suppply list

FREE Breakfast and Lunch for ALL!

Great news! Dessie Evans Elementary is now a Title 1 school and will be serving breakfast in addition to lunch. Both breakfast AND lunch will be FREE for all students this year. Students may still bring cold lunch from home if they prefer.

Although breakfast and lunch is free for all we still highly encourage you to complete the Free and Reduced lunch application. The completed and approved application has additional implications for example, by completing the application depending on the need of our community could provide additional services to our school. In addition, this school year students in grades 4-6 will check out a district issued 1:1 device that can be taken to and from school. Families must pay for or decline the Puyallup Protection Plan (P3) before the device will be issued. The cost is $50 or FREE if the student qualifies for free/reduced lunch. PK-3 students will be leaving devices in the classroom.

Please click on the link, Free and Reduced Lunch Application. When you get to the drop down box that asks you to identify your school. Please search Evans Elementary. Appreciate you completing this process for our students and our school.

Weekly Dress UP Days at Dessie Evans

During the week, we will encourage students to participate in our Dress Up Days!

  • Monday: Dessie Evans Spirit Wear OR Blue, Grey and Black clothing
  • Tuesday: Kindness Tuesday (Shirts with messages of Kindness)
  • Wednesday: College and Career Readiness (Represent your favorite college)
  • Friday: Hawks Day (Or your favorite sports team)

Our Dessie Evans Dress Up Days will happen every week!

Health and Wellness Updates

We had all wished by now that we would have returned to our pre-COVID school experience but it looks like still have some way to go. We will continue to make sure our learning spaces are clean, we are practicing good hygiene and socially distancing when possible.

There has been some changes that we would like you to know:

  • Volunteers are welcome back in the building! It is required to have a completed and approved volunteer application form and practice the same safety protocols as our staff.
  • Students will no longer be in cohorts (classroom groups) for recess. Students will be able to socialize with other from their same grade level.
  • Students and adults do not need to wear masks while outside including recess. (If families prefer their student to wear a mask outside, please let your teacher know.)
  • Per the CDC guidelines, schools are to socially distance when possible but it is not to stop schools from inviting all students to attend.
  • The CDC and PSD are no longer requiring the need to complete daily attestation forms.

Updated health and safety protocols from the Department of Health can be found here.

Volunteers Needed

Did you know that Dessie Evans is the largest elementary school in Washington? Our first year, our attendance almost reached 1100 students. We need you to partner alongside us when and where your schedule allows. We are all in different seasons but if you are able to volunteer we would like to create a time and space for you.

1st - Please go and fill out the Puyallup School District Volunteer Application. This must be completed and turned in PRIOR to volunteering in the building.

2nd - Go to our Dessie Evans Elementary Website to see volunteer opportunies. In the upper right hand corner and click on volunteering to see specifics of job description, time commitment and days of the week needed.

Drop off/Pick Up

Our drop off and pick up procedures are as follows for the 2021 - 2022 school year:

Start/Stop time:

  • School begins at 8:45. Students will be allowed on campus no earlier than 8:30.
  • School ends at 3:06. We will have a staggered release this year again to avoid congestion in the hallways.

Drop off:

  • Buses: Students will be released from the bus at 8:30, pick up breakfast if needed and proceed directly to their classroom.
  • Parent Drop off: We ask that families remain in the car until 8:30. Families will drive through, pull all the way forward and wait until 8:30 before releasing their students. Multiple staff members and volunteers will be there to welcome students and direct them to their classrooms. Please make sure when exiting your vehicle to only exit from the passenger side of the car to keep everyone safe.

Pick Up:

  • School is released at 3:06. This may mean some students will be released at 2:55 and some not untill 3:06. We asked in advance for your patience as we get to know families and students become familiar with their routines.
  • We again this year will be staggering our release time of student to reduce the number of students in the hallway at one time.
  • Teacher will walk their students out to the front of the building and they will line up in the same designated space daily. We will have staff members that will greet you at your car door and ask for your students name and teacher name. We will retrieve your child and bring them to your car.
  • An important part of this process, is PULLING YOUR CAR FORWARD in the car lane to keep traffic moving. This may mean your student needs to walk a bit to get to your car yet it helps us be more efficient at our dismissal time.

If for any reason you need to be on campus, we ask that you park your car and use the designated crosswalks. Our goal is to reduce the number of people we have on campus but understand for extenuating circumstances.

Dessie Evans PTA

We are excited that we have a full PTA board. We have many opportuntities for you to get involved. Please stop by the Dessie Evans Facebook page or the Dessie Evans website.

President: Christy Rogers

Vice President: Tanya Kambich

Secretary: Jennifer Dofelmire

Treasure: Siara Victorian

Membership: Jessica Ellsworth

Advocacy: Jaquichea Lewis

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Dessie F. Evans Mission and Vision 2021-2022:


Our mission at Dessie F. Evans Elementary is to build a learning environment that focuses on educating the whole child through collective efficacy, data informed instruction, collaboration, and student/staff growth.


At Dessie F. Evans Elementary, we are committed to partnering with our students, staff, and our community to serve the whole child by creating a rich learning environment where ALL will feel safe, significant and have a strong sense of belonging.