Mustang Weekly

Week of March 23rd

"It is better to do it than talk about how perfect it could be." - Simon Sinek

Learning Design

2nd Grade PBL Feature

Check out how our 2nd grade learners made a design that assisted Ms. Ricciardelli and is serving to make our building look good!

Our recent second grade PBL was “Measuring the Art Show.” Learners were asked by Ms. Ricciardelli to help her design a layout for two of her art bulletin boards. Learners would have to use a variety of measuring tools and skills such as rulers, yardsticks, tape measure to measure the perimeter, length and width. The tasks included measuring the bulletin board, measuring the artwork, and designing a blueprint. Graph paper was used to create a model of the scaled bulletin board to show a visual of the artwork layout. Learners wanted to know if their design would really fit on the bulletin board. So masking tape was measured out and placed on the floor. Designers could then place the artwork inside to see if it would fit and be pleasing to the eye!

Learners then presented their designs to Ms. Ricciardelli who then selected two designs. Those learners then put up the artwork based off of their design. They would love for you to walk by and see their bulletin board designs!!

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iPad 1:1 4th/5th Grade Rollout

This is an exciting time for Austin! Yolanda and I have met with the 4th and 5th grade teams, but we wanted to keep you "in the loop" for what is happening with our new devices!

  • Our parents are in the process of creating the Apple IDs for our 4th/5th grade learners.
  • We are having an iPad Coffee & Conversation meeting next Friday with parents to review the process and answer questions.
  • Yolanda will be providing several modules of online trainings for our 4th/5th educators to complete to assist them with managing these new devices. She will also be provided any relevant modules to the rest of the staff! Feel free to use these as a team or doing FedEx. They are also available for after school Flex credit.
  • Our rollout day is scheduled for April 8th!

Once the new devices are delivered and in kids' hands, Yolanda, Jodie, and I will work on redistributing their current iPads to lower grades.


Boosterthon Update

Boosterthon is up and running! Thank you all for your support and flexibility with this campaign.

Please remember the Fun Run is this coming Wednesday-

  • 8:15 - K/1
  • 9:15 - 2/3
  • 10:15 - 4/5

We will send out more details at the beginning of the week with any information for things you'll need to know about the "day of."

Feel free to wear any of your "vintage" Boosterthon shirts with jeans on Monday & Tuesday. For Wednesday, please wear your current Boosterthon shirt with jeans, workout pants, shorts, etc.

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Morning Announcements

Class - Cabello

Life Principle - Initiative

Quote - "If you are not afraid to face the music, you may someday be the leader of the band." -Author Unknown

Healthy Tip - Playing sports like soccer, softball, and tennis are fun ways to exercise with friends!

Week At A Glance


  • Happy Birthday Lorena!
  • RtI Meetings


  • Cooper @ Principal Meeting
  • 3:30 - 4th/5th Grade STAAR Training


  • Fun Run! See schedule above
  • 3:30 - Grade Level PLC Time


  • Brown Bag Lunch
  • TELPAS Rating Due
  • Fun Run Rain Day


  • Mustang Mutual
  • E-Time / Clusters
  • 8:30 iPad Coffee & Conversation (B202)
  • Certificates for STAAR Training Videos due to Brandon
  • End of 3rd 9 Weeks

Looking Ahead...

3/30-3/31 - STAAR Testing

3/31 - Grades Due

4/1 - FedEx @ 3:30 (Staff Meeting w/ Dr. Waldrip will be 4/8)

4/2 - 5th Grade Field Trip

4/3 - Bad Weather Make-Up Day

4/3 - Rise & Shine

Did you see our feature in the district "Informed?" :)