3rd Grade Unit Newsletter

Upper Peninsula History

An Overview of Mr. Boddy's Unit.

Dear Families,

My name is Bill Boddy and I have had the privilege of exploring the unique history of the Upper Peninsula with your child over the past five weeks as part of my teacher preparation program through NMU. This unit focused primarily on the geographical features found in the Upper Peninsula and how/why they were utilized. We also had a lesson based solely on the use of sled dogs in the Upper Peninsula and the significance of the UP 200. Your child has been exploring these concepts through videos, power points, hand-outs, and online tools (ex. kahoot).

Unit Vocabulary

Lesson 1:
  • Historian
  • Primary Source
  • Secondary Source
  • Archaeological Evidence
Lesson 2:
  • Inuit (Eskimo)
  • Migrate
  • Climate
  • Musher
Lesson 3:
  • Lake
  • Bay
  • River
  • Waterfall
Lesson 4:
  • Lesson 4 was a review via Kahoot (link below)


Lesson 5:

  • As a group, we gathered all of our material and made a PowToon (link below) to share with the rest of the class what we learned!