by: cristian sanchez


we are located 550 miles east of canada


chrisland came from the english people located on the north side of the united kingdom.

Originated from northern England

Type of economy

we have a command economy that is ran by the goverment

type of goverment

we have a parliamentary goverment with a president


we speak english


we have 10 thousand people

National anthem


Claim to fame

we are known for having the best foods known to the world

National animal

polar bear


What do you trade

we are known for trading weapons,oil,gold,and diamonds

What are some of your trading partners

we trade with the united states and united kingdom and canada

Membership in the un

we are members of the united nations

Laws can not work until the age of 17. can not own a gun until the age of 17. can not drink alcohol until the age of 21.

4.smoking is strictly prohibited in chrisland

5.drugs are prohibited murder or kidnapping or any bad stuff

7.have to obey the goverment taxes. is mandatory. is mandatory

Current events in goverment

1.taxes school medical help