Hunter Hughes's dream vacation

Honolulu facts

My dream vacation is Honolulu it is located in Hawaii. I want to visit Honolulu because of its environments and I want to see a volcano. I think Honolulu Is so great because it has the best environment and it has beautiful beaches. Honolulu has Beautiful beaches, volcanoes, the best environments,very rich,and tons more interesting facts


It will take me about 12 hours to get to honolulu. Honolulu is about 4000 miles away and i will spend that time with my mom and dad. I will go by plane and i will stay about 3 weeks.


I will stay in a hotel it will be fancy, have a pool, and room service and all will need to pack enough 3 weeks of clothes, a bathing suit, and sun screen


My whole trip will cost max 6,000 dollars. my lodging will cost about 3,000 dallars, my cost on food is at max 1,000, and my airplane ticket will cost about 1,250 dallars and gas will cost about 750 dollars.


while im there i will be swimming, ziplining, and relaxing. I will have tons of fun at hawaii