February Newsletter


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Valentines Day Parties:

Infant Room-Wednesday

Yellow Room-Wednesday

Blue Room-Thursday

Green Room-Tuesday

Purple Room (3 year old preschool)-Thursday

4 Year Old Preschool and School Age-Wednesday

** No need to bring anything unless requested by teachers**


If the LM school is late, dismisses early, or cancelled, we will only charge children according to the time they are here. No absentee days will be allowed and weekly charges will be prorated.

If you need care or do not need care for a weather day please call or send an email.

No Show Fee:

Families need to call and tell us within 2 hours of their start time if they will not be attending for the day. Families who fail to do this will be charged a $5.00 no show fee (per child), in addition to the scheduled time. Absentee days may not be used.
This policy has not been enforced in the past but starting January 8th this policy will be enforced. If we do not hear from you within 2 hours of your scheduled time we will plan on your child not being here and charge the no show fee. If we do not hear from you within 10 minutes of the bus coming after school we will also charge you the no show fee. We are enforcing this policy in hopes that parents will let us know their child's schedule so we can better plan our schedule at daycare.

Late Payment Fee:

Accounts that are not paid in full by Friday will be assessed a late fee of $10.00. This means all bills must be paid weekly. If a family has not made any payments after 30 days, the child(ren) will no longer receive preschool/daycare, and the account will be submitted to the Small Claims Court.
All bills need to be paid in FULL otherwise a late fee will be charged. This means if you do not make a payment in FULL by Friday your account will be charged a late fee.

Tuition Express:

Tired of writing out checks for daycare expense? Sign up for Tuition Express! This service allows you to have your payment electronically debited from your checking or savings account. Enrollment forms are available in the front entry.

Winter Clothing:

Please make sure to send appropriate winter clothing with your child. Please talk to your child's caregiver if they will need snow pants and boots for going outside.

Looking ahead:

Wednesday, February 14th- Valentine's Day and No School at LMCS

Monday, February 19th- Lake Mills Family Dental visiting purple room

Saturday, February 24th- Father Daughter Dance 3pm-5pm

LMCPD is asking for your support in efforts to reduce our expenses, we are in need of supply donations. Some items we are continuously in need of include:

-Hand Sanitizer

-Copy Paper


-White Out Tape

-Mechanical Pencils


-Washable Markers


-Dry Erase Makers

Help support LMCPD by shopping from Amazon Smile. A percentage of every sale is donated back to us! Our support name is Lake Mills Family Center.