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McDowell School News 1.8.16

What's Up?

Bus Duty
- 1/11/16-1/15/16
LaScola - EW Office
Richardson - Kickball Field

Upcoming .........

1/11/16 - Conference Schedules due to office
1/13/16 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - School not in session for kids
1/14/16 - Conference Summary Sheet due to office

1/14 - Sarah Witner

1/15 - Jamie Davis

Mark You Calendar

1/22/17 - McDowell Social @ Winking Lizard after school

Please try to attend. The Social Committee works hard to arrange activities to unite our staff.


  • If your class is leaving the building to walk to another school, please notify the office and take a walkie-talkie on Channel 2. We need to be able to contact you, and you may need to contact us for various reasons, including emergencies. Also, you must notify the clinic so they can get meds prepared. Thank you!
  • Everyone who works at McDowell should be subscribed to the District's and McDowell's webpage. I fear there are still those who are not, based on the questions I field. If you did not receive the most recent E-alert regarding report cards, you are not subscribed. The E-alerts are one way we communicate with parents, and it would behoove you to know what information they are getting from the District and our office. And, please familiarize yourself with our webpage---a lot a good stuff there! If you are not sure how to long on, please don't hesitate to ask.

This, that, and, of course, the other

  • ELA Testing Schedule:
    4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29 - ELA Testing
    5/3 - AIR MATH
    5/5, 5/6 - Testing Make-ups

Funny video attached regarding the most typical New Years Day resolution.

Adele - Hello Parody (Hella Cravings)