Happy New Year

Our Week in Third Grade

A Year in Review

We kicked off the week by taking a look back at 2014 and setting some goals for 2015!
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Multiplication Games!

We finished most of them this week and they're great! We'll set them up on Monday of next week. Be sure to stop by to play them when you pick up.
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STEM - Assembly Lines

We learned that using an assembly line can be more efficient than working alone. When we made folders independently we were able to make 4. When we used an assembly line, we made 17!

Reading Groups

We worked on the comprehension skill, Drawing Conclusions, this week. Students used details from stories they read and information they already knew to draw conclusions about characters and events. We also worked on Problem and solution.
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Diversity Day

Friday, Jan. 16th, 12am


Barnes & Noble Night

Friday, Jan. 16th, 6:30pm

301 Main Street

Exton, PA