Weekly News- March 20, 2015


The Gymnast

Genre: Autobiography

Paired Text: All About Gymnastics

Genre: Using Online Sources (Encyclopedia or Dictionary)

Comprehension Skills: Drawing Conclusions and Visualizing

Literacy for the week AFTER break

Lucky us, it's a review week when we return. That means NO spelling and Reading Street Vocab. However, we will be hitting grammar hard and reviewing reading comprehension strategies. We will also be doing our second Socratic Seminar- Woohoo!

Math for the Week

  • Practiced adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. This concept is tough! Please practice if you can at home! I just added four online games to practice with. I have updated my Unit 7 page under Math to aid in this. There you will find the strategies I have taught. There are also a ton of games they can play on their tablet!
  • Reviewed Order of Operations (the kiddos are rocking this)!

Greek and Latin Roots- These will be covered the week after Break

  1. superb (adj)- splendid; excellent; beyond the expected
  2. superimpose (v)- to lay or place something over something else
  3. superintendent (n)- a person with the highest power, power above everyone else's
  4. superior (adj)- above average in quality; excellent
  5. supervisor (n)- a person who stands over or above someone in rank; a manager in charge of someone else
  6. surcharge (n)- an amount of money (charge) over and above what is already being paid
  7. surplus (n)- a quantity or amount over and above what is already being paid
  8. surprise (n)- something that is beyond what is expected
  9. surreal (adj)- beyond what is real or believable; bizarre
  10. surtax (n)- an extra tax beyond the normal tax