Weimar Republic

1918 - 1923

Stab in the Back (End WWII) - 1918

German soliders believed that they could of fought on and when they were told Germany had surrendered they felt STABBED IN THE BACK or betrayed. They soliders didnt know about the problems that the allies had caused the Germans back at home. The allies had blocked off the ports so there was no income of food or other necessary supplies. This made the German soilders feel cheated and made the Weimar Goverment look weak!

The Treaty of Versailles - 1919

The Treaty of Versailles consisted of four major terms. These were Land, Army, Money and Blame. This can be remembered as LAMB. These terms were made by the 'Big Three'. These were the leaders of the countries that won the war, England, France, America.

The Treaty of Versailles - Land

- Germany lost land that contained important raw materials, such as coal. - Germany was split in two. Land was given to Poland so it had access to the sea. - All Germany's overseas colonies were taken away. - Germany lost 13% of its land and about 6 million people who loved there.

The Treaty of Versailles - Army

- Germany was not allowed to have submarines, tanks or an air force. - Navy was cut to just 15,000 sailors and six battleships. - The German army was reduced to 100,000 men. - The army was not allowed in the Rhneland, part of Germany. This was to make France feel safe from attacks