Tourettes Syndrome

Gavin Bartlett


People with the Tourettes syndrome have tics. Tics are involuntary vocal or physical movements. Tics can involve a wide variety of movements like squealing twitching biting oneself and even cursing.

How long Does It Last and Where do you Get It From

Tics occur as early as 2. Tourettes can be seen in children between the ages 2-18 years of age. It Can last for years, or be lifelong. Most people (almost all) get tourettes from there parents genes, and continues that way for a while. More than 200,000 american cases of TS accrue every year.

The Treatments to the problem

There is no cure for Tourettes, but there are treatments. You can go through mental, physical and/or medicational help. You can also go through therapy to reduce the severity of the symptoms. It can also reduce or obliterate other symptoms like OCD or ADHD