Most Powerful God In Greek Mythology

Thesis Statement

In Joel Skidmore’s Mythweb.com, Zeus is the most significant god in Greek mythology that portrays an image that is powerful and solemn but also brave when necessary.


Zeus was the only son of Cronus that wasn’t eaten and because of that Zeus overthrew his father. Zeus overthrew his father by making all of his brothers and sisters come out of Cronus and come help him. Zeus then took over the universe with the help from his siblings.


For example, Zeus overthrew his father Cronus which helped take over the universe.


“Having vanquished his father and the other Titans, Zeus imprisoned most of them in the underworld of Tartarus” (Skidmore 8).


This shows that Zeus is powerful and brave by the acts that he has completed in his life. Zeus is powerful because he overthrew his father and he took over the universe. Zeus is also considered brave because he overthrew his mighty father Cronus because he wanted to take over the universe.

Conclusion statement

Although Zeus is the most significant God for not only his act of overthrowing his father Cronus with the help of his brothers and sisters, he has had many other deeds and his acts of lethalness and his bravery. His bravery has influenced many of the other gods around him.