Sustaining life on Mars

By Colby Jones

How will we sustain life on Mars?

Robots will be sent to Mars to build the place we will be living in under ground. The reason it will be underground is because of the powerful sand storms.

Why did I choose this role in this project?

My role is to design the huge house we would live in. I chose this role because I thought that it would challenge me.


The first question I had when I started this project was how will I be able to build on Mars so that humans can live on Mars? Well there are lots of problems with that, you have the really big sand storms and the temperature and its huge range. How will the house sustain these sand storms?


This sketch is my plan. The white building is where you would live and the green place is the green house.


My plan is to draw a sketch of what it will look like. Then they will program the robots to build our structure.

How I used Math

Surface area= sum of areas (l x w) of faces

135.16 x 48.49 x 2=13107.81

48.49 x 228.4 x 2=22150.23

135.16 x 228.4 = 30870.54

13107.81 + 22150.23+ 30870.544 = 66128.59 sq.meters


To make this building on Mars we will need to bring supplies to build it with the robots. The spacecraft that the robots will be on going to Mars will have tons of supplies to build with.


When we build this and get there we will improve or upgrade whatever needs to be working better. We can also add stuff to and fix anything that needs to be fixed.