Falcon Focus

Issue 6, Volume 1 - March 27, 2018


Falcon Focus - A Weekly Flyer Discussing Technology Tools and Ideas!

Hello all! This week's Falcon Focus is going to discuss Google Hangouts! Google Hangouts is a simple tool to allow our staff members to quickly communicate with each other. It is only enabled for staff at this time and can be used with or without video.

This website ( https://plus.google.com/communities/109532576382533836103) is a list of educators who are seeking to "connect, collaborate and discuss how they are using Google Hangouts to enrich the learning experiences of their students". This is a great way to use a technology tool that is embedded in your Google browser to create opportunities for students to communicate and collaborate!

If you would like to attempt to send a Google Hangout in order to learn how to use it, reach out to me! Send me a video call and I will drop off a piece of candy! :) Or you could share your Fun Sock Friday entry after Spring Break! This is an excellent tool for communication, in our district as well as the outside world.

I will always attach the Google Form at the bottom seeking input as to future topics, so please let me know if there is information or resources I can provide concerning other topics. Reminder: I will keep past Falcon Focus topics on our cmfalcons.org webpage, under the Technology department, for your reference. Issues can be found at http://www.cmfalcons.org/departments/technology/falcon_focus.