Paul's Case

By: April Greissinger 2B

Point of View

The author uses the third person omniscient point of view to allow the readers to get inside of Paul's head so they can understand his feelings and the way he acts towards others. By reading how Paul feels, we can see his real personality and what he fears in life. He fears his father and doesn't think he is a good man. This shows us that he doesn't wasnt to be like his father when he grows up, and wants his own and different dreams. This also lets us see how he reacts to different people and activities in his neighborhood. He doesn't want to be ordinary or continue to follow the simple paths of people living around him. He wants his own dreams, to be special and different from his peers. I used the picture of a brain and a light bulb, because when using this point of view, you are able to know what Paul is thinking and see his actions as opposed to viewing all of the character's actions and feelings. I thought the brain was a good representation of being able to look inside of a character's mind, by third person omniscient point of view, to know what they feel and how they view certain things in the world. The light bulb shows that Paul wants something different in his life and is trying to find out what it is. This is why he goes to New York, to pursue this desire of a different dream than everyone around him. The lightbulb represents this and his ideas of what do in life.


Paul is driven by belonging. He wants to fit in and be in a place where people accept him. This is why theater is something he enjoys and becomes his passion. Theater shows Paul important people that he views as distinguished and people to be like. They become role models to him in a way and he thinks about doing that with his life. The experiences that he has had in the past make him follow this passion of theater to New York. He thinks he will have great experiences there and that it will hopefully allow him to follow this different path than others around him. I chose the photo of masks for characterization because it shows something Paul felt that he belonged to, which was the theater lifestyle, and something that fueled his dream.


This story was set in the winter time. Winter is a time for endings and a start to new beginnings as the spring comes along. The story shows that Paul just left his old life and moved to New York, not caring who or what was hurt in the process. This shows that he wanted to start over when things got bad and start a new life in a different place. He was ending an old life and starting a new one with different dreams he wanted to pursue. In New York he lived a lavish life but still wasn't happy with the dreams he thought he had. I chose this picture of snow in New York, because the story was set in the winter time and Paul followed a dream he thought would be in New York. These two aspects of the story were part of the setting where Paul sought a different dream than most people.


Paul saw beauty in the red carnation in his buttonhole. All of his other pieces of clothing were dingy and unsophisticated, however this little carnation was unique and made a big statement. It showed that there was something special in a place filled with normal people, which is what Paul wanted. He wanted to feel special and follow different dreams than the people around him. This bright red carnation was something that reminded him of his uniqueness. He also saw theater people as more sophisticated and people to emulate. By wearing this rose, he thought he could attain this dream of theater and go on to New York to pursue it. I chose this picture because it is a red carnation that stands out. It was hard to find a plain red flower, but I chose this because it looked special and unique, which is what Paul's carnation looked like to him.


Paul has a desire to fufill dreams in a different way than other around him due to the way he has experienced life. This was my take on the theme of Paul's Case. The point of view, setting, symbolism, and characterization all support this theme and allow the reader to analyze the story in a different and satisfying way. I chose this picture because it is a heart made up of multiple images. Paul followed a dream with his heart to go to New York. His experiences and the way he saw life shaped him into the person he was and made him want to pursue these dreams. They are the things that fill his heart and help him make decisions in life. His experiences are the pictures that make up his heart and point him in certain directions in life. They all come together to make up what he wants to do in life.


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