A Brand New World


Do you know what it feels like to have to move to a place 600 miles away. We'll if that didn't happen to you let me describe how it feels, imagine your six and you just got a new toy, it was big, had flashing light, and could fly. Then one day that toy was ripped away from you and given to another kid, and you can't do anything about it that is what I felt like. At nine years old I was forced to make new friends, at a new place that was across the country, it was hard. The hardest part about. It though was the constant moving we did, because of a job, or the people we lived near. That made me have to go to four or five different schools before I went to Davidson IB Middle.

New Life

We moved a lot, so I met new people, and went to a lot of schools

But it was

It wasn't so bad I soon graduated, which then lead me to Central Cabarrus High were I plan on graduating from. So overall the move wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was actually pretty good. We are building a house right now, I play football, and I going to start driving soon, which I couldn't do in New York.