Commotion in the Ocean

Ocean Unit

Get ready for an adventure under the sea!

The next three weeks will be dedicated to our ocean themed unit. We will be learning about life under the sea including plants, sea creatures, habitats, predators, and the food chain. Each student will be expected to research and prepare an informational poster which will be presented to the class. There will be many fun activities that will go along with our ocean theme including watching the film Finding Nemo and visiting Shedd Aquarium.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday Nov. 17: Please bring an ocean themed item from home to share with class. Ex. books, stuffed animals, pictures, etc.
  • Tuesday Nov. 18: Fish research project will be introduced which will be due Dec. 1; Bring poster board by Friday November 21.
  • Friday Nov. 21: Work day for project
  • Monday Nov. 24: Permission slip and $10 for Shedd Aquarium due
  • Wednesday Nov. 26: Work day for project
  • Friday Nov. 28: Field trip to Shedd aquarium
  • Monday Dec. 1: Research project is due!

Research information to include on poster


-Life expectancy



-What they eat

-Unique fact

Expectations of what the poster should include

-Title (name of fish) and author (your name)

-At least 3 pictures. One picture should be of the type of fish that you are presenting on.

-All pictures should have a description directly underneath

-Each of the categories listed in the "research information to include on poster" should have the title bold and the information below separate from the other bold categories.

Shedd Aquarium

Friday, Nov. 28th, 9am

1200 S Lake Shore Dr

Chicago, IL

Both third grade classes will be visiting Shedd Aquarium. Students are expected to arrive to school at regular time. The bus will leave at 9 am and will return at 12 pm in time for lunch. The fee for the museum and bus will be $10. Please bring this amount by Monday Nov. 24.