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Greetings Saint Nation!

Here are a few updates regarding Graduation.

Location: Sandalwood High School Football Field

Date: July 21st

Time: 9:00 A.M.

With over 600 graduating seniors at Sandalwood High School and CDC guidelines mandating six feet social distancing requirements, all Seniors will only receive 2 tickets for graduation. I do apologize I had to give you this bad news. Additional tickets are not available. The graduation ceremony will be live streamed for family and friends to view the event from home. We will send the link once PRI Productions completes the installation/set up and it will be available on the district website www.duvalschools.org under latest news.

Once the East and West side of the football bleachers reach the maximum capacity for social distancing (600 on each side. Total: 1200) no one else will be allowed in the stadium. Please note the district will implement CDC guidelines and any state or local orders for COVID-19 that are in effect as of the date of the ceremony. This will help ensure we can celebrate our graduates in a safe and organized way.

Students will receive their tickets in their Cap and Gown packet on either July 1st or July 2nd (please check the Drive-N-Go Plan attached for the date referencing your child's last name. Please note there will be very long lines for students who have not satisfied their Senior Debt. During July 1st/2nd Cap and Gown pick up (if students have a Senior Debt-there is only one line near the bus loop closest to the school). To avoid a long line, I strongly encourage you to take care of the Senior Debt. A Kiosk will be available outside the main school entrance for Senior Debt on Monday June 29th & Tuesday June 30th from 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Graduation Dress Code

  • Dresses, skirts, not longer than the graduation robe (robe should be mid-calf) and must not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Dress must have at least a 2 inch strap that is attached. You can NOT wear a cover up over spaghetti strap.
  • Natural colored stockings only.
  • No backless shoes, no flip flops. They can be flat or have heels. Heels must be less than 3 inches. Remember you are walking on grass.
  • Don’t forget to bring bobby pins to hold your cap on. ALL hijabs shall be one of the school colors or white.
  • Light colored or white button up or collard dress shirt (short sleeve is fine). You may wear a tie or bow tie but they are not required.
  • Any color dress pants. No Jeans and no shorts.

Graduates Do not bring anything with you!!! No cell phones, camera etc. There is no place to store it and you can’t carry it with you. You must be on campus by 7:30 A.M. You will enter the gym and your temperature, and attire will be checked as you enter. You will be given a mask upon entry and lined up for the ceremony. It is important that we practice social distancing at all times.

Parking is limited, so please ride with your parents. The stadium will open at 7:00 A.M. for parents.

Graduation practice JULY 20th at 5:00 P.M. at the Sandalwood stadium. You must wear a mask and your temperature will be checked as you enter.

Thank you,


Dr. Saryn L. Hatcher, Principal

Sandalwood High School

Go Saints!

Sandalwood H.S. Graduation Ceremony

Tuesday, July 21st, 9am

2750 John Prom Boulevard

Jacksonville, FL

Graduation will take place on the Saints football field. All guests & participants required to wear mask and complete health survey.
Senior Awards Ceremony

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