Some tips for car detailing Toronto

Cleaning your car in the right way may cost you a lot of money. The professional car detailing company in Toronto provide services starting from $100 to $500, depending on the type and quality of services you require for your car. If you know some basic stuff, you can professionally detail your car on your own and that too with the care and attention that your car deserves. Luckily you have come to the right place. Keep on reading this article in order to learn about some great tips for Mobile Auto Detailing on your own.

Tip 1: Make use of two buckets for washing your car:

Whenever you are washing your car, you have to make use of two buckets. Use one of the buckets to keep the clean suds while the put some clean water in the other one. When you want to dip the cleaning mitts into bucket full of clean suds, you may rinse them first in the bucket carrying clean water and then dry them off. That way, you will be able to put clean mitts in the clean suds and your car will receive dirt free cleaning which will save it from getting any dirt scratches.

Tip 2: Be a part of the microfiber revolution:

We live in an age where the high end microfiber cloth is being used everywhere. The mechanics who are working at state of the art car detailing workshops are using microfiber towels and clothes in order to get more efficient and scratch free rinsing washing or drying and that too with investing lesser efforts. So it is highly recommended to make use of microfibers on your car.

Tip 3: Get your trim detailed first:

Applying a trim protectant after washing your car may provide you with added neatness and fine detail as it would resist the applied wax and polish so that there are no stains.

Tip 4: Apply any formula using a buffer and remove them using a fine towel:

Most of the people mistake buffers for removing the applied formula. Doing that may cause some swirl marks on your originally fine coat of paint. The correct way is to apply the formula using buffers.

Tip 5: Give your car a treat by using a polisher with dual action:

A dual polisher is a combo of an orbital polisher and a direct drive polisher. You may get it by spending a few more bucks than those spent on both the formulas. Dual polisher is a fine formula that fixes more than 90% of all the polishing chores.

Tip 6: While drying your glasses, apply effort in two directions:

While you are drying the wind shields and other glasses of your vehicle, you may want to do it in two directions. It is recommended to make a habit out of drying your glass first in the horizontal direction and then in the vertical direction in order to get a perfectly clear view outside the vehicle. To know about our services information please click at