Flooding In Latin America

Research Poster ~ By: Taylor Drummond

Causes of Floods

Floods all across the world (specifically in Latin America) are normally caused by an abundant amount of rainfall in a short amount of time, causing rivers, streams, lakes, and other small bodies of water to overflow (also known as flood). In extreme cases, flooding can cause lots of damage to buildings, houses, people, cars, land, ext. The other cause of flooding is dam failure. This is when a dam gives in, breaks, or collapses (can happen from many different things, most commonly earthquakes and other natural disasters)

How People In Latin America Deal With Flooding

People in Latin America have to do many things to protect themselves and their family when it comes to flooding. For starters, everyone in this region usually tends to have a supply kit which holds things such as "
  • Cash -- Banks and ATMs may not be open or available for extended periods.

  • Water -- at least one gallon per person, per day for three to seven days, plus water for pets.

  • Food -- at least enough for three to seven days, including: Non-perishable packaged or canned food and juices, food for infants and the elderly, snack food, non-electric can opener, vitamins, paper plates, plastic utensils.

  • Radio -- battery powered radio with extra batteries.

  • Blankets, pillows etc.

  • Clothing -- seasonal, rain gear/ sturdy shoes.

  • First Aid Kit -- plus medicines, prescription drugs.

  • Special items -- for babies and the elderly.

  • Toiletries -- hygiene items, moisture wipes, sanitizer.

  • Flashlight and batteries.

  • Keys.

  • Toys, books, games.

  • Pet Care items proper identification, immunization records, ample food and water, medicine, a carrier or cage, leash."


Outcome of Flooding in Latin America

To everyone who lives in Latin America, and all over the world, floods are tragic for many reasons: Some of which include- Houses being destroyed, farms being torn up, cars being washed away and broken, and even bridges which are sometimes damaged or broken as well. People sometimes have to go hours or even days in storm cellars or different areas than normal (sometimes the fly to other places to stay safe) just to escape the floods and it is hard for them because they have to life off of whatever they keep in their emergency bag, that's why you plan way ahead. One last thing that happens during/after floods is that chemicals and other hazardous substances are put into main water streams which is an even longer consequence that they would have to live with.