Juliet External Conflict

People should not let other fights interrupt their lives.

Act 1, Scene 5.

Tybalt is speaking to the Lord Capulet and says, "Uncle this is a Montugue, our foe, a villian, that is hither in spite to scorn at our salimity tonight"...(line, 60-62 p3). He recognizes that Romeo is troubled and no good and doesn't need anything to do with Juliet. But, just because Romeo is a capulet and foe of the montugues - Juliet is not stopping her love for him.

Act 2, Scene 2.

Juliet explains, "And the place death considering who thou art, if any of my kingsmen are here"...(lines. 64-65 p3). Juliet has to tell Romeo that if her family finds them together, they will kill him. Both must take precautions to keep their relationship safe now, but it will be worth it later..hopefully.

Act 3, Scene 2.

Nurse shouts, "Tybalt is gone, and Romeo if be that killed him- he is banished"...(lines.70-71 p3). Nurse is explaining to Juliet that Romeo's gone, because he killed Tybalt. Juliet is afraid that she'll never seen Romeo again. This would definetly ruin their relationship.

Theme; Act 3, Scene 5.

Lady Capulet shares, "Well, girl, thou weep'st not so much for this death, As that the villian lives which slaughtered him" (lines 78-79, p4). Juliet's mom thinks Juliet is crying because of Tybalts death and fight but instead, at Romeo being gone. Juliet does not care about their fight or Tybalt dying..only about Romeo being alive and okay.

Sarah Coldiron

Mrs. Urbina

Advanced English 1- Block 5